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Digital Public Relations

Here at Ranklos we are going to be showing you exactly what Digital Public Relations is and how your business can take advantage to increase sales and put your products and services in front of an audience.

People that write in newspaper sites or magazine sites

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People that run Blog

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People that have social media outlets that specialize in your niche

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Backlinks to your business website that send Google signals that your business is relevant

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How does Digital Public Relations get you Coverage

One company we have worked with is in the drug rehabilitation area, we got them mass PR across loads of different news publications by running studies and surveys this digital news outlet found the data fascinating, so they published it. This is a great way of getting visibility by conducting your own study. When reading an online newspaper so many of the news come from businesses that paid a company like ours ( Ranklos) to carryout studies or surveys that was covered in theses online media outlets. This can be a great way of getting something relevant to get some attention for your business. One of the surveys we ran for a client got over 48 different websites covering the story and this helped to increase their exposure and overall ranking to their site. In addition to increasing their digital credibility. We took their ONLINE client base from 10 to 70 + per day by using this type of digital PR. This can be a great way of getting mentions and links to your business websites. 

Your ROI in Marketing


Satistified Customers

Your Online Presence and Awareness

Increase your Business Online Presence with our Digital Public Relations Strategy fit for your Business

Product or Business Introduction with Digital PR 

If your target audience don’t know about  (new company or product) and you want to raise awareness and get some visibility in front of people is a great way to get in front of your audience.


So let say you have a new SAS company.  You would start targeting bloggers that write about Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Management or related topics. So you would contact technology or software bloggers that review new technology and that their audience is Tech nerds, marketing managers, IT people, and so on. To start you would need outreach to these Bloggers and pitch them an article that can be of interest to their audience. For the purpose of having their readers say, “Wow, this looks like a great product. I can use it in my company to make my life easier”. You would need to repeat this possesses with original content to each “YES” (meaning they will post your article) you get from bloggers for them to post unique content and not get penalized by Google. Rather than just running an ad in front of them, your product has actually appeared because it has been presented with someone who they already trust in. This is a great way of cutting straight into their consciousness. This creates a dialog with your target audience, because some may comment, “Is this product compatible with X CRM” for example.

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How do you measure Digital Public Relations Success?

We have a few measurements but overall it depended on your goals. Your overall goal is to increase sales? If so, we have to measure the overall traffic to your website and see how has it impacted your sales. In addition, if you are getting traffic but your sales are not increasing this may be an issue with your website that is not converting, your prices or customer service. In general, clicks and impressions have to equal more sales to your business meaning more visibility.

Social Proof with Digital Public Relations

Let say you are an Orthodontist and have been in the market for ten years, but you want to dominate your local area. If your target audience sees you’re everywhere, there is a weight and credibility that this gives you. So, how do you create this weight and credibility; with Digital Public Relations? You would want to target local and national press (Orthodontist, magazines, digital newspapers) that have lots of credibility in this space. So when people Google your name (Orthodontist Name) lots of publications will show and giving you Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. In addition to increasing the organic rankings on the search engines(SEO). Lastly, this can also be of benefit to Brand Reputation Management.

Digital PR impacts SEO


More visibility increasing Keywords related to your Business/Products and Locations


Increased Brand Visibility, More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales.....


We will report and measure your Digital PR campaign with Analytics impacting your Business

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